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Don't Be Late - A Poem
Aug 6, 2013
Sometimes we need the innocence of youth to remind us what's important...this time captured in a poem.
Solitary Tree
Jul 13, 2013
A poem inspired by this solitary tree 
A Walk in the Woods
Jul 6, 2013

Being out in the wilderness for days on end can rejuvenate your perspectives on the world. I decided this image goes with a poem I wrote last year on that same subject titled "A Walk in the Woods"

The Lonely Beacon
Oct 26, 2012
A poem titled "The Lonely Beacon"
Lost and Found
Dec 14, 2011
 When you shoot alone, straining to capture a "vision", the quiet, peaceful environment can take your mind places you wouldn't normally go. I think sometimes a poem helps to fully express the photographer's intent.