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In Search of Bigfoot and Facebook Photo Quality
Jul 21, 2013
I've been asked why I frequently post only smaller size photos to Facebook and why I provide links to my photography website for the same shot. The answer boils down to quality. This is not about the content of the photos on Facebook, but rather the digital quality that Facebook uses to display them. To be straight with you, Facebook photo quality sucks. Here's a prime example.
Tiny Aperture? Blurry Photo? Blame Physics!
Jun 17, 2013
When it comes to aperture settings on our cameras, we've all learned that a smaller aperture not only means less light, but it also means greater depth of field (DoF). But did you know there can be a significant downside to that tiny aperture you're using?
Open Bookmarks In A New Tab By Default in Google Chrome
Apr 26, 2012
Ever wondered how to make a bookmark automatically and permanently open in a new tab by default? By just clicking the link without any additional keystrokes, control-clicking or middle-mouse button clicking?

I'm all about efficiency when it comes to the browser. I've tried and migrated to just about all of them at one point or another, and the one that's stuck with me for the last couple years consistently is Google Chrome.