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Learning Long Exposure Photography – Take a Lesson from Ratatouille
Jun 20, 2013
What is long exposure photography? How do you use it? What are some tips, tricks, and lessons learned that can help you get started?

But first, what can Chef Gusteau and the Pixar hit movie Ratatouille teach us about long exposure photography (or photography in general for that matter)?

I'll answer all those questions and more. So if you've ever wanted to learn about long exposures or weren't sure where to get started, this post will help you get the ball rolling.
Tiny Aperture? Blurry Photo? Blame Physics!
Jun 17, 2013
When it comes to aperture settings on our cameras, we've all learned that a smaller aperture not only means less light, but it also means greater depth of field (DoF). But did you know there can be a significant downside to that tiny aperture you're using?