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In Search of Bigfoot and Facebook Photo Quality
Jul 21, 2013
I've been asked why I frequently post only smaller size photos to Facebook and why I provide links to my photography website for the same shot. The answer boils down to quality. This is not about the content of the photos on Facebook, but rather the digital quality that Facebook uses to display them. To be straight with you, Facebook photo quality sucks. Here's a prime example.
Learning Long Exposure Photography - Part 2
Jul 14, 2013
From ISO to HDR to filters, this post includes lots of tips and tricks to help you capture high quality long exposure photos. This is the follow-up post to what we learned in part 1 from Ratatouille: that "anyone can cook".
Solitary Tree
Jul 13, 2013
A poem inspired by this solitary tree 
A Walk in the Woods
Jul 6, 2013

Being out in the wilderness for days on end can rejuvenate your perspectives on the world. I decided this image goes with a poem I wrote last year on that same subject titled "A Walk in the Woods"