Jeff Smallwood Photography
The Lonely Beacon
Oct 26, 2012

Rely on me,
trust  me,  I  will
lead  the  way.  The
light  I
shine will
steer  you
true, you'll
never go astray
Through  darkest
times  and  when
there's trouble, I
will hold steadfast
Cutting      through
confusion, my advice
will  ever  last. Now
I find my guiding light
is seen  by  fewer still,
but I've got a job to do, I have an iron will.  My youth was shed on
rocky shores, and truth has set me free. Broadcast bright until I'm
gone, for that I guarantee. It doesn't matter who I steer, be it many
or a few, I made a promise, no matter what, I will see it through.


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