Jeff Smallwood Photography
Quick Fixes and Troubleshooting for Image Sharing and Printing

Topics Include:

  • Fixing common image problems
  • Limitations of certain editing techniques
  • Digital quick fixes and improvements
  • Difference in colors between screen and print
  • Best practices for sharing and printing
  • Question & Answer

Have you ever wondered why the image on your screen looks different than the image you printed? Have you ever struggled to "fix" a photo on your computer? Have you ever wondered what all those fancy buttons and options are in your favorite editing program and when it is best to use them? Have you ever wondered why an image you shared online looked different on someone else's computer? If those and similar questions are things you've wondered about, this class is for you.

This 2 hour class will cover the basics of digital editing, sharing, and printing. It is targeted toward people who want a greater understanding of the core editing options in modern computer programs and what they do. Participants will learn how to get better and more consistent results.

This class will cover basic editing techniques and features that are ubiquitous among most photo editing programs. It doesn't matter if you have Memory Manager, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or something else. The techniques and tips covered in this class are universally applicable.

The class concludes with a Q&A session.

Attendance is limited to 10 people per session. $35/person


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Prince Frederick, MD
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Cost $35 (billed separately)