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Book: "Home To Shadows"


Patterns, lines, shapes, and and white can bring the world to life in entirely different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting black and white film and lost touch with that for a while once the digital revolution started. The modern digital B&W conversion tools have opened up that world again, and monochrome has become on of my favorite styles once again. This book reflects a wide variety of environments, showcasing a broad array of subjects and techniques as only light and shadow can do.

A majority of the photographs featured in this book can also be seen in my black and white slideshow.

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The book cover and back are both full photographs. The book contains 87 photographs across 20 pages of high quality construction including the use of pigment-based inks and stitched bindings. The hardcover versions are treated with a laminate to reduce both glare and fingerprints.
If you choose the lay-flat option, the pages will lay completely flat on the bindings when opened providing a completely unobstructed view of each photograph on the page.

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