Jeff Smallwood Photography
Hidden Treasures
Aug 20, 2012


The shoreline at this spot was fairly flat by the water's edge, but this one large mound of dirt & mud had quite the community growing around it. Grasses and plants, insects of all kinds. And at the bottom there were crabs and amphipods and a myriad of other marsh creatures....even lots of mummichogs splashing in the shallow puddles at the base.

It gives me a poetic feeling when I look back at this shot now. The dark silhouette of that mound is what I was shooting for, yet there's so much awesome stuff hidden in the shadows and darkness where we can't see it. Kind of like life itself sometimes.

I'm starting to wonder if I should tag these photos with the word/acronym "YASP"...Yet Another Sunrise Photo. Almost sounds like an exclamation you'd use. "Yasp! That's a nice shot!"....hmm, may have to use that in critique sessions and see what kind of reaction I get.

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