Jeff Smallwood Photography
Vaporize - Cooling Towers at Night
May 31, 2012

Went back to the power plant last night. Earlier in the evening the atmosphere was perfect for very tall vapor trails as I could see them rising from miles away in the distance. I headed over trying to catch a colorful sunset behind the plant, but as it got closer to sunset the atmosphere changed and the trails shrank. In addition, the sunset wasn't all that amazing...pretty but not "oh wow" pretty.

So I stood there in the sand, besides and sometimes under the bridge, fighting mosquitoes and other biting insects...waiting until dark. Once darkness settled the humidity was palatable. I had left a lens sitting on top of my bag and it started to collect dew on it just from being exposed to the air.


But it did create some nice effects for a long exposure. I didn't want a shot like the last one, so I decided to focus on just the cooling towers for this shot.

That glow coming from behind the trees feels so mysterious to me.

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