Jeff Smallwood Photography
Misted Dandelion
Apr 9, 2012

Children seem to naturally gravitate to yellow ones, and want to offer them as flowers. Whether you consider them a weed or just a part of the renewed growth of Spring, there's something whimsical and child-like about blowing on dandelions once they've gone to seed.

I've been trying out an Android App that I'd strongly recommend. Helicon Focus published an app called Helicon Remote. It offers remote/tethered shooting, time lapse, and focus stacking all from your Android device. I plugged my Canon 50D to my Asus tablet and was instantly up and running with a live-view on my tablet screen and touch controls to the camera.

This shot was done with 14 images that I focus stacked (you can keep the images on the camera card or have them automatically transfer to your device like Lightroom's remote capture). The Helicon app made it so easy. Just tap the screen controls to set the closest focal point (which is marked "A"), then move forward to the furthest focal point (which is marked "B"). Tell the app to "go" and it does the rest, automatically changing the focus incrementally through the range and capturing each shot just like any normal focus stacking software would do. Except the bonus here is that you're on Android and totally mobile! No more being tied to a desktop or studio setup.

If you're looking for a mobile DSLR remote control option, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.
DISCLAIMER: It is currently in beta but I've been using it for a few weeks and only had one minor issue with the app locking up and crashing. Otherwise it's been great, and while it is in beta it is currently FREE.

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